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Shinji WAKAO

Face challenges in a field where research and education intersect.

Describe the characteristics of the undergraduate program and graduate program at the School of Advanced Science and Engineering.

The philosophy that Waseda University set upon its establishment stated that the production of knowledge (research), application of the knowledge (direct social contribution), and transfer of the knowledge to others (education) were the important missions that a university must fulfill.

The undergraduate program at the School of Advanced Science and Engineering consists of six departments covering the exploration of truth to social application in a variety of academic fields, including physics, chemistry, life science, electrical engineering, and information. Also, the graduate program of the School of Advanced Science and Engineering has eleven departments, which is more than the number of departments in the undergraduate program. The School has Interdisciplinary Departments that share academic fields with other graduate programs and Joint Departments that work with other universities (Tokyo Women's Medical University, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, and Tokyo City University). All these departments offer advanced education and research opportunities. In addition, the Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering started in the academic year of 2014 a combined five-year master’s and doctoral program to train doctors as global leaders. With these curricula, we respond to the various needs of society and the intellectual curiosity of our students.

A high percentage of students who complete the undergraduate program of the School of Advanced Science and Engineering are directly admitted to the graduate program of this School. One of the greatest characteristics of this School is that education and research are seamlessly and tightly linked through these programs.

The undergraduate and graduate programs offer education and conduct research to produce true leaders in advanced science and technology through programs that offer special courses in the early years of the undergraduate program, a system for undergraduates who are accepted to the graduate program to take graduate-level classes before graduation, and opportunities for graduate students to present their research inside and outside of Japan. Students gain sufficient basic academic understanding and special knowledge through these extensive and intensive programs. They can also gain research skills with which they can produce new advancements in science and technology based on their learned foundation of scientific knowledge.

Waseda University also offers a variety of scholarship programs, additionally the School of Advanced Science and Engineering has its own scholarship programs. The School is also expanding financial aid by providing funds for graduate students in the master’s program to present their research at international conferences.

What do you expect from the students who are now in the program?

Students work on their graduation theses, the final assignment in their undergraduate program, and master’s theses and doctoral theses in the graduate program while belonging to one of many research labs of the School of Advanced Science and Engineering. All the research labs are engaged in world-leading research and continuously contribute to the advancement of science and technology. I want students to voluntarily put themselves in such an environment and experience working toward higher goals on the global stage. All faculties of the School of Advanced Science and Technology are investing all their power to improve students’ skills so that students can work successfully in advanced science and technology on the global level. I expect them to improve themselves and voluntarily contribute to the advancement of science and technology.

Yet, I suppose many students think that life as a student should be more than that.

Besides research activities, experiences while young have an important meaning in directing someone to a certain course of life. The years as a student go by very quickly. I want students to gain all types of experiences besides studying and research, such as making friends, engaging in social activities, studying abroad, participating in student group and club activities, and traveling.

早稲田大学 先進理工学部長 若尾 真治

Describe your perspective for the future.

I believe that School of Advanced Science and Engineering has heightened the reputation of Waseda University as a research university. I would like to further reinforce the research abilities of the School.

The School of Advanced Science and Engineering often takes the initiative in major joint projects and research with multiple industries and academic institutions. Graduate students are often working at the forefront of national-level research. This is the stage of research to build a prosperous society. It is also the attitude of the university to directly contribute to society. For students who are involved with these activities, it is also an opportunity to receive the best education through which they can improve themselves. This is the integration of the three important missions that a university should fulfill as I mentioned earlier.

Advanced-level research increases the level of seamlessly linked undergraduate and graduate education, which further advances research. I am going to continue seeking ideal education and research in these undergraduate and graduate programs.

Students trained in the educational and research environment of the School of Advanced Science and Engineering receive offers from many companies, and many of them are finding great career paths. I would like to continue producing many global leaders and innovative people who can achieve science and technology research in order to pursue truth in science and technology and to build a prosperous society with a broad and global perspective.



Give a message to prospective students of School of Advanced Science and Engineering.

Universities offer greater freedom, and the School of Advanced Science and Engineering offers an outstanding environment where students can try many things. I want students to enjoy the freedom of selecting what they really want from many options without being confined to a provided scenario.

Learn the latest science at the School of Advanced Science and Engineering and realize your dreams with lifelong friends that you will meet in classes and through extracurricular activities.